How to change Possible Challenges for getting hired over 40

In observing the job hiring process, job seeker over 40 could to be affected by these three possibilities that may determine if they may or may not get hired.

There are three terms which seems to the reverberating and interchangeable, namely:
(1) Overqualified
(2) Outdated and,
(3) Ageism

These three terms, applied to job seekers over 40 may have some legitimacy or may just be down right illegal. However it is possible that one may be able to devise a strategy to overcome some of these notions, may have 100% control over changing the outcome, or they may not have any control in affecting the outcome. Being overqualified means you can do the work at hand, experience but not utilizing current practices. Assuming your experience is current, being an administrator applying for a Manager job means you have the qualifications. No doubt. However, to succeed in getting an offer for this position, you need to acknowledge the employer’s real concern, which is that you may not be happy in the reduced responsibility position, getting paid less than you made after a few months in the job Being outdated means your experience shows you are using an antiquated technology or your skills are not current, and therefore your skills are less in demand. Discrimination against persons of a certain age group.This is illegal. No question. When an appropriately skilled candidate,not overqualified, with a current presentation, who happens to be over 40 years old, is consistently declined over younger equally skilled candidates, that is a sign of ageism. There are possible legitimate reason for someone over 40 not being hired, but Ageism is definitely illegal

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